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Loren Donn Leslie

She was last seen November 27, 2010.

Loren was last seen Nov. 27, 2010 and her body was found later that day, the same day her murdered was arrested. An RCMP officer had pulled a 24 year old man over after he pulled onto the highway in Prince George from a logging road. When the officer traced the tracks from the man's truck he found Loren’s body.

“Everybody that knew Loren knew her as a special child and a special adolescent,” said Doug Leslie, Loren's father. “Her compassion for everybody was unreal. The loss that everybody had when Loren was taken away from us, I felt the big impact of me not being able to be there for her and of course we can’t be everywhere at once.”

* note: it is our preference to not mention the murderers name, so as to keep this about Loren.

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