Registration is going to look a little different this year. Below are detailed instructions on how to go about a smooth registration process.

STEP 1 ***very important!!!***

If you're running the IN PERSON relay, go to the Relay Routes page, choose a route you'd like to run, then choose a leg. Take extra care on the details of the dates and times of each leg. And have a second and third choice. 

If you're running a virtual run/walk, no need to choose a route. You can run/walk anywhere you'd like that weekend. You can put a team together though, even if you aren't with them in person.


When you finish these instructions, you can go to our Race Roster registration page and click REGISTER.

Step 1.png


Choose which route you would like to run. Here you can choose from the in person relay along the highway, or a Virtual 5K or Virtual 10K.

Step 2.png


Be sure to fill out everything with a red asterisk. These are mandatory fields.

Step 3.png


RELAY: If you chose to run the in person relay, you will click yes. Your relay route is your "team." This is also where you can double check that you chose the correct route for yourself.

VIRTUAL: If you chose to run a virtual run, you can run by yourself, or run with a "team." Whether it's in person or not is up to you (ie, a friendship center team, a FN Band, a soccer team...)

Step 4.png


Scroll through the list of legs and make your choice. If your first choice says 'occupied' next to it, it has been taken. So move on to your next choice.

Step 5.png


Choose. your t-shirt size. If you chose the virtual run, you can choose to upgrade to the performance tee. Click CONTINUE and follow the rest of Race Rosters instructions.

Step 6.png