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Smithers Route

It's here! The 5th annual Tears to Hope Relay! Below is the schedule of runners, your starting time & marker. 


With exception of the first runner of the day, please arrive 20-30 minutes before your start time, in case the runner ahead of you is faster than 1 hour and 20 minutes. This also allows a bit of time for you to take care of your body and stretch. The schedule below reflects the signs that you're starting at. Location is approximate, so please be more mindful of the sign, not the location.

We have multiple support vehicles, whose purpose is to ensure your safety on the road and to to bring you back to your vehicle when you're finished your run (if you haven't brought your own support).

In the case that you brought your own support, we will have printed instructions for them, as there are safety protocols that we must abide by.

Join us in Celebration!


We invite you to gather at Ferry Island Sunday at 4:30pm to cheer on the last runners to come in from their leg around 5:00. Dinner is complimentary for all participants. A minimum $10 donation for non-participants.

If you have any questions and have cell service, text Denise at 604-812-3925

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Sadie Coté

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