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Birgitte Bartlett

Birgitte Bartlett


In 2005, when Lorna's niece, Tamara Chipman, went missing, Birgitte was there for the family, helping in searches, providing food and any support they needed.

During a walk for justice along the Highway of Tears, Birgitte and Lorna were brainstorming on what more they can do. As an avid runner, Birgitte wanted to do more than walk; she wanted to run! This dream became a reality when they trained and participated as Team Tears to Hope in the 2018 Vancouver Sun Run.

That team started a ripple effect and in 2019, Birgitte's ultimate dream of a 10km relay run along the Highway of Tears happened.

The very first Tears to Hope team. L-R: Stephanie Radek, Jaden Parker (Tamara Chipman's son), Ron Bartlett, Birgitte Bartlett, Hyla McQuaid, Lorna Brown, Kevin Brown, Jenn Brown, Randy Brown & Matthew Brown

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