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Denise Halfyard

Denise Halfyard

Event Coordinator/Social & Webmaster

Denise is Lorna's daughter and the cousin of Tamara Chipman. She first became involved with MMIWG awareness when the inquiry came to Richmond BC. After hearing so many heartbreaking stories, she wanted to do more, but didn't know how. Fortunately, her Mom and Birgitte were taking care of this part.

Denise has a background in business, having owned an award winning floral design company, a beading "side hustle", working as a voice actor narrating books and e-learning courses and starting The Frog Radio, a station devoted to Indigenous music of all genres from Turtle Island. All this experience is what made Lorna and Birgitte think she would be perfect for the job of event coordinator.

From the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. L-R: Bernie Williams, Lorna Brown, Gladys Radek, Inquiry commissioner Michèle Audette, Denise Halfyard, Annita McPhee

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