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Over the years, our relay has been captured in video and photos.


This year was so special. We reached family members that were unable to participate before and we had the most non-Indigenous participants we've ever had, including along the highway.

Thank you everyone for all the support.

A special thank you to the following artists for allowing us to use their music:


By Ay Lelum

Cleansing the Highway

By Kym Gouchie


Because of the extenuating circumstances, we chose to go "virtual" rather than cancel. This turned into a blessing. We were able to reach people nationally with our message. It proved so successful, we will continue the virtual element to our run, giving people outside North West BC the opportunity to run with us.

From Haida Gwaii to Toronto,

Gingolx to Texas,

And everywhere in between,

We had 208 people running all over Turtle Island

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